I was defending myself, says teacher that stabbed husband dead in Lagos

LAGOS— Detectives attached to homicide
section of the Lagos State Police Criminal
Investigative Department, CID, Panti, Yaba,
have launched investigation into the alleged
murder of one Akinbobola Dare by his wife, a
school teacher, at their resident in Igbogbo,
Ikorodu area of Lagos State.
But the 24-year-old mother-of-two, Olamide,
said she stabbed him in self-defence, after
being pinned down by the deceased, who was
notorious for always beating her.
Her words: “My husband was always beating
me anytime we had an issue. I didn’t kill him
intentionally. Yesterday, he pinned me down
and started beating me again. I picked the
knife to scare him, but I mistakenly stabbed
him. I couldn’t have killed my husband
“In the past, I used to run out of the house
when being beaten. But today (yesterday), he
locked everywhere to prevent me from
“My family had told me to divorce him, but I
didn’t want to because he is the husband of
my youth and we already have two children
“You can ask around; everyone knows he beats
me always.”
A neighbour, who declined to reveal her name,
said the fight between the couple was because
she asked the husband, a 28-year-old
mechanic, to give her N50 for her
transportation to her school.
She added: “The suspect had suffered domestic
violence in the hands of her husband before the
unfortunate incident. When the beating was
becoming too much, the parents of the woman
told her to divorce the husband.
“The woman chose to stay with her husband
because of the love she had for him and their
two children.
“It is known on our street that the couple was
always fighting and the husband is fond of
beating her on the slightest provocation.”
Another resident, who gave his name simply as
Adeolu, said: “In the past, whenever they were
fighting the wife of the deceased used to run
out of the house. But on this very fateful day,
the deceased locked their doors to prevent her
from escaping.
“We always intervened in their fight anytime
they started. The deceased and his wife were
both youths in their 30s. The incident is an
unfortunate one.”
Policemen from Igbogbo Police Division have
arrested the suspect, following the incident,
while the remains of the husband had been
deposited at Ikorodu General Hospital
Confirming the incident the Lagos State
spokesperson, SP Chike Oti, said the case has
been transferred to CID, Panti, and that
investigation is ongoing. Please leave a comment